Design Blade Series

Truly advanced, OEM specification wiping technology – developed by DENSO – that blends outstanding wiping performance with stylish, integrated design. You can also take advantage of our Retrofit Design Blade range. Covering hundreds of key applications the range enables your customers to upgrade from conventional blades to high performance Uni Wiper Blades.

Conventional Blade Series
A popular choice for the everyday motorist, DENSO’s Conventional Wiper Blades offer all-round, long-lasting performance with a selection of different blade and installation options.


Why Choose AUTO AC BD Wiper Blades

• Original equipment technology and quality guarantee outstanding wiping performance
• Durable, non-corrosive materials, including a natural, high-compression rubber wiper, deliver long service life
• Evenly cut edges ensure an effective wiping edge
• Low profile inserts provide the perfect wiping angle

• High coverage of Asian and European vehicle applications offer optimum customer convenience

So when you need replacement Wiper Blades, there’s only one name to choose: AUTO AC BD


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