As we are the original A/C system supplier for the world’s top automobile manufacturers, we know your A/C system best.For the aftermarket, we understand that our customers need high-quality products at affordable prices. That’s why we developed our COOL GEAR Car A/C Components made to aftermarket specifications.

Benefits to Car Owners
You can keep your Car A/C system working optimally with our affordable COOL GEAR line-up of Car A/C components. You can be assured of the best quality and fit for your car.

Benefits to Parts Dealers and Car A/C Workshops
A major advantage to our COOL GEAR components is it’s part number consolidation. Aimed to fit more that one particular type of vehicle, you will be able to service more vehicles with less part numbers and reduce storage costs and improve stock management. With our high-quality components and performance, you and your customers will be more satisfied with faster installations and fewer returns.


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